Hide WordPress Widgets on Specific Pages / Posts

wordpress logo There are situations when you would like to hide certain widgets from your sidebar or other place when your visitor is on a specific page or post. For instance, I removed the “About me” text widget from the “About” page as the information was redundant and it’s nice to have a clean, fast loading website without any unnecessary data loaded.

You can either do that by using a plugin, which is the easiest and quickest way of doing it or by adding a code in your functions.php (or a custom plugin where you have your settings). If you want to apply this to 1 page and 1 widget only and you’re comfortable editing code, then you can use my snippet code. If you have to hide a few widgets for more pages and posts, then using a plugin would have been easier to manage that.

I will show you how to do it both ways and you can decide based on your situation what’s the best option for you. It’s also good for you to see how it’s done in the code, so you can learn more 😉
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