Create Stunning Photo Albums: Free XML Flash Photo Gallery

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery is a an awesome Flash application that allows you to add photo gallery on your website without any tech knowledge or programming skills. This is the ideal photo gallery for photographers, artists, or anyone who wants to feature an image showcase at their websites. You just need to download the necessary files and edit the XML file.


Features include:

  • XML Based
  • Image description tag
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Resizable
  • Can be used as a standalone application, as well as a part of CSS/HTML or Flash website
  • No Flash knowledge required

As you see – creating a perfect image gallery without any programming skills is very fast and easy. And it is absolutely free. So don’t waste the time – download your Free Flash Photo Gallery from FlashMint and show the world your art works in no time.

HashMask: A Secure Experiment in Password Masking

HashMask is a JQuery Plugin that produces an unique and a irreversible visualization of a user’s password. The attempt of this application is to find a more secure middle ground between clear and masked passwords. Based on the generated image, users would be able to confirm that they have entered the password correctly, since they are becoming familiar with the image they see every time they type the password.


Technically speaking, it uses a subset of the sha1 hash of the password as the seed for the sparkline’s shape and color. It should be relatively safe from reverse engineering as a result. There is the potential to estimate a possible range of characters of the first section of the hash, but overall this should be a extremely low risk.

Submit your Website to the Most Popular CSS galleries: MeeCSS


MeeCSS is an application that aims to help you in submitting your website to the most important CSS galleries on the internet, making the submission process faster and easier. Through MeeCSS, you will get direct links to the submission pages of their selected galleries.

The submission process requires you to take only 2 steps:

  • Choose the galleries you want to submit
  • Insert your site’s data and press submit


Adding your website to the CSS Galleries is a great way to publicize your site, these galleries are a the best”showroom” for the coolest designs. Getting your site published on them gives you the possibility to increase your brand visibility and to make it visible to a lot of experts users.

Create Super Awesome Buttons using CSS3 and RGBA

ZURB love CSS and began to use the new, yet to be released version (CSS3) in some of their projects. One of the favorite things about the new CSS version is the addition of RGBA, a color mode that adds alpha blending to your favorite CSS properties. ZURB kicked the tires on it a bit with their own projects and have found that it helps streamline their CSS, and makes scaling things like buttons very easy. The design company cooked up an example with some super awesome, scalable buttons.


With a little CSS3 magic, we’ve created a scalable set of buttons with nearly half the CSS it would have taken with hex colors. Give it a go in your next project and see how it can help add that extra polish you want without huge impact on your code.

Bumpbox – An Awesome Lightbox Clone with Support for PDF Files

Bumpbox is a lightbox that besides the support for opening images, html files, FLV videos, and SWF files, can also be used to open PDF files. The integration of the script is quite simple: you add the scripts in the head section of the page, classes to the links that should use bumpbox and define a rel tag with the size that the lightbox should have. The nice thing about this lightbox is that it detects what kind of file you wish to show in the box, so you do not need to specify the type, easing the process of integration.