PHP Project Quality Done the Right Way: Free Test

We all know how frustrating bugs and security breaches are when it comes to fixing especially if you develop a web application that is used by many people and one of the most important things we need to take care of is the code quality which should have the highest standards of security.

SensioLabsInsight automatically analyses the code and behaviour on your application on any PHP projects (custom, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and the list goes on and on). Issues are detected over 100 rules, all defined by experts after years of extensive practice. These guys are behind Symfony framework and Twig Template engine (which I use on my WordPress projects to separate the HTML from the PHP). Bugs and potential security breaches are classified according to their nature from the minor to the critical ones.

Features include, but not limited to:

Exhaustive checks

More than 100 quality checks ranging from security to performance based on our long experience auditing real-world applications.

Dynamic analysis

A dynamic analysis engine that boots your application to find bugs and errors that go unnoticed using static code analysis.
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PHP: Sort Multidimensional Array by Sub-Array Key’s Value

I’d like to share with you my fellow readers a function that I’ve been using in my projects to arrange the order of sub-arrays in a main array. As developers, it’s likely that you encountered this situation where you have a list of items in the database that are fetched in a specific order but you want to display them in the front-end sorted by a value of that item.
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