Ultimate Winter Illustrations Set: 600 Premium Vector Illustrations

600-premium-christmas-vector-illustrations-preview We all like vector illustrations. They’re extremely versatile and can be a life saver in times of need. You can use them in basically any design – from backgrounds to flyers, package designs, as well as huge banners. The best of this is that they’re extremely helpful for both beginners and professionals!

One of the best times to use illustrations is before winter holidays. For all of us, the designers, it is really an extremely demanding period of time, and when we’re overwhelmed by different projects with impossible deadlines.

That’s why we wanted to help you out a bit and came up with the ultimate collection of winter holidays vector illustrations! The fellows from Vectorious were kind enough to give us a humongous collection of 600 top-quality illustrations that you will definitely love.

These illustrations are split into 4 different sets: Christmas illustrations, Christmas typography, Diwali and Happy New Year. Being 100% vectors it is simple to edit them; add or remove elements, change colors, cut, crop or resize them just as much as you want without the loss in quality!
You will find unlimited possibilities of utilizing these illustrations just by combining them between each other. And due to their extended royalty license, they can be used in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes as well as in merchandise intended for mass distribution with no additional fee!
The cost?

Only $39 instead of their usual value of $2400! That’s as low as $0.06 per illustration! And if you’re not satisfied with this collection, you get a 200% money-back guarantee. This means you get all your money back and keep the files!

If you use the coupon code INKY2013 during the checkout you get a $5 discount, so you can purchase this package for just $34.

Take a look at what you get.
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The eCommerce Sampler Pack: Chosen By Popular Demand + Bonus


After surveys a community of 3 million, the people chose their four favourite eCommerce platforms:

  • WordPress/WooCommerce made up almost half of the votes (48.02%).
  • OpenCart and Magento had almost equal shares in one quarter of the votes (12.78% and 12.33%).
  • PrestaShop won 8.30% of the votes.

After the results, they packed a bundle of 4 website themes worth $240. You can get all 4 for just $20 only until 3rd of December AEDT.

Not into bundles? Buy custom code and plugins for WordPress eCommerce, Magento, Prestashop or OpenCart on CodeCanyon.

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Web & Responsive Design Kit: 400+ Elements by Vandelay

Vandelay Kit Preview

More than ever before, the user experience is very important to a website or application’s success. With so much incredible competition around, you need an exciting interface to catch users’ attentions and a smooth UX to keep them. Therefore, wireframes and project mockups are the initial step towards building your project.

Give yourself a good head start on your wireframes or visual mockups by using this incredible Web & Responsive Design Kit from Vandelay Premier. It’s the complete package for web designers too. Sure, you will get more than 400 different UI elements, but you’ll also get a couple of Responsive Design PSD files to see how your work appears on any device or screen size, and a number of templates to help you put together invoices and contracts.

This kit consists of all you need to get your UI project started (and finished), and for a limited time only, you can get almost 60% off the regular price thanks to Mighty Deals!

Complete Web & Responsive Design Kit Include:

400+ Professional UI Elements – Buttons, Nav Bars, and Forms, Oh My!

With over 400 UI elements available, there’s no doubt you’ll find just what you need to put together the best graphical user interface using the Wireframe Pro bundle. This kit contains elements of design for a large number of different actions including buttons, navigation menus, ribbons, media player elements, shadows, pagination, ratings, forms far more!

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Top Graphic Design Software, Gadgets and Tools That Can Help Your Website

What does the job of a webmaster boil down to? Is it internet marketing? Is it content writing? Is it just a good helping of entrepreneurial spirit? Actually it’s all those things – and more – and if you want your website to truly thrive then you need to be able to take care of every aspect of its well-being. Here we will look at a few ways that you can get more from your website’s appearance by investing in gadgets and gizmos that will aid in your graphic design, so that as well as filling your site with great information and media, you can also make sure it looks the part as well. Here are some of the best gadgets, software and tools to get you into graphic design and make sure your site looks as slick as possible.

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Display Progress in a Visual and Engaging way: Percentage Loader

jQuery.PercentageLoader is a jQuery plugin for showing a progress widget in more visually eye-catching way than the ubiquitous horizontal progress bar / textual counter.

Installation and usage is quick and simple. It makes use of HTML 5 canvas for a rich aesthetic appearance with only a 10kb (minified) javascript file necessary (suggested web font optional), utilizing vectors rather than images so can be easily deployed at various sizes.

Simple Modal: Just another Window Modal – Powered by Mootools

SimpleModal is a Mootools plugin to create simple, yet professional-looking modal windows including alerts and confirm messages with only a few lines of code. Confirm configuration involves the use of callbacks to be applied to affirmative action; it can work in asynchronous mode and retrieve content from external pages or getting the inline content.

SIMPLEMODAL is not a lightbox although the possibility to hide parts of its layout may partially make it similar.

Content can also be retrieved via AJAX. Here’s an example below:

Snippet code Javascript:


$("myElement").addEvent("click", function(){
  var SM = new SimpleModal({"width":600});
      SM.addButton("Action button", "btn primary", function(){
      SM.addButton("Cancel", "btn");
          "onRequestComplete": function(){ /* Action on request complete */ }

Snippet code HTML:


Open Modal

3D Covers Pro: Create Photo Realistic High Resolution eCovers

Whether you are selling web applications, windows software products, information products or eBooks, this brand new set of premium quality eCover action scripts and smart templates will help you do just that. And the best part is, you don’t have to be a “techy” person or have any design skills at all. These brand new action scripts and smart objects will do the job for you. All you need is Adobe Photoshop and a few minutes of free time.

What makes this set of actions and smart templates special?

  • Super fast: Each action takes under 20 seconds to render into 3D and the smart templates are even faster. That means you can modify and tweak your covers much faster.
  • Crisp 300 DPI Resolution: All the action scripts and smart templates are in high resolution ready to be used for print. There are no jagged edges or pixelation.
  • Unique “looks”: Even if you already have another set of actions or smart templates, you won’t find eCover types like these anywhere else.
  • Premium quality: Great care went into creating each eCover action script and smart template in this package. Each one is premium quality and as good or better than anything else out there on market.
  • Over 70 to choose from: There are over 70 action scripts and smart templates in this package so pretty much all eCover types are covered and there’s plenty of variety to choose from.
  • Brand new for 2011: These are all brand new actions and smart templates created in 2011, so you’ll be getting the newest and freshest “looks” for your products.

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3D Character Stock Photos: Create Inspiring and Converting Presentations

Need to enhance any of your presentation or video or eBooks? Then, you need 3D Man/Women Characters with Real Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels. These graphics are meant to help you create converting and inspiring presentation in your video, eBooks, marketing advertisement and website. They will make your life easier in producing a great digital work.

At last an affordable and easy to use speedy solution is available to make your life as an Internet Marketer more enjoyable and a lot more time efficient.

When you’re able to enhance any of your presentation or video or eBooks as easily and quickly as this then you’ll find that you can start making more money a lot quicker just because you’re able to focus on taking action and producing income generating results for your online business.

Download 6 [Sample] 3D Character Stock Photos
[nggallery id=3]
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427 Free Credit Card Icons | 7 Sizes | Pixel Perfect

Iconshock released one of the most complete credit card icon set containing 457 payment and credit card icons packed in a fantastic collection. It includes 9 sizes, pixel perfect icons for smaller sizes and vector for larger sizes, source files in AI (larger ones) and PSD pixel perfect (smaller ones). All payments methods have been included: PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Worldpay etc.) and the list goes on. These icons are ideal to show on eCommerce websites and Sales Pages.

21 Original High Quality Tools and Templates

Marketing Graphics Toolkit consists of 21 modules of premium graphics content that are geared specifically towards Internet Marketers. They are useful especially if you sell stuff online whether you are using an e-commerce website or you are using a couple of sales pages for your products. PSD sources are available for every module from the package. This ULTIMATE graphic source is meant to save you money and time.

For a one time payment of $9.95 you get:

  • Mini Site Templates
  • Premium Headers
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • 3D eCover Action Scripts
  • 3D Web Display Templates
  • Layer Styles
  • Hand Drawn Arrows and Doodles
  • Hand Written Fonts
  • Powerpoint Backgrounds
  • Bullets and Checkmarks
  • Numbers Icons
  • Guarantee Signs
  • Footers
  • Price Badges
  • Module Signs and Tables
  • Visual Headlines
  • Photo Frames
  • Secret Module – More Premium Headers
  • Secret Module – Abstract Backgounds
  • Secret Module – More Bullets and Checkmarks
  • Secret Module – Animated Arrows

See some screenshots of some of the features mentioned

[nggallery id=2]

With 21 different Modules, there’s something for everyone here. Just one piece of content from this package can save you either a hundred bucks on designer fees, or hours of time trying to do it yourself.