LeanModal: Super Simple Lightweight Modal Window Plugin

Developer by Finely Sliced, leanModal.js is a super simple plugin that works with your CSS.

Having just 780 bytes, this uber light plugin has a flexible width & height, it’s perfect for hidden page content, can run multiple instances on one page, is image free and great for things such as login, sign up and alerts panels.

This jQuery plugin comes with a few weaknesses though: it has no gallery, iframe or Ajax support; it has not been tested in IE6.

Built for all the short dialogs, alerts, panels and such associated with an app, that you may want to handle in a modal window. Designed to handle hidden content, and doesn’t apply any styles to the target element, other than for displaying and positioning.

JigoShop: Professional WordPress eCommerce Plugin

JigoShop is a eCommerce plugin for WordPress developed by a team of professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands. Through this powerful plugin, you can set up a shop in minutes with physical and downloadable products or even services. Jigoshop provides you with the features necessary to set up an eCommerce web site lickety-split.

With the option to create simple, grouped and configurable products customers can easily refine your catalog based on product attributes, ensuring they find what they’re looking for in just a couple of clicks.

Being built on the WordPress core, you get all the benefits of this global leading platform: free, secure, easy-to-use, highly customizable and with a great support community.

Features include:

  • WordPress Centric: Elegant, lightweight code built upon core WordPress functionality.
  • Extensibility: Add functionality your Jigoshop with their premium themes and extensions.
  • First Class Support: Regularly updated core plus attentive, dedicated support forums.
  • Reporting: Detailed order and stock reporting via graphs and dashboard widgets.
  • Widgets & Shortcodes: Create a unique store using built in widgets and shortcodes.
  • Out-the-box awesomeness: One-step-checkout, up sells, cross sells, filterable products. Oooh yeah!

Tasty, High Quality Patterns for Your Next Web Project: Subtle Patterns

Made by Atle Mo., SubtlePatterns.com is a collection of tasty, high quality patterns for your next web project. These design elements can be used freely in both personal and commercial projects. If you created some nice graphics, you can share them with everyone by submitting them to the website. Every subtle pattern can be downloaded as a Photoshop pattern file.

Current patterns include:

  • Dark stripes: Very dark pattern with some noise and 45 degree lines.
  • Handmade paper: White hand made paper pattern with small bumps.
  • Pinstripe: Light gray pattern with a thin pinstripe.
  • Wine Cork: Wine cork texture based off a scanned corkboard.
  • Paper 3: Light gray paper pattern with small traces of fibre and some dust.
  • Dark denim: A dark denim looking pattern. 145×145 pixels.
  • Smooth Wall: Some rectangles, a bit of dust and grunge, plus a hint of concrete.
  • 60º lines: Never out of fashion and so much hotter than the 45º everyone knows, here is a sweet 60º line pattern.
  • Exclusive paper: Exclusive looking paper pattern with small dust particles and 45 degree strokes.
  • Paper 2: New paper pattern with a slightly organic feel to it, using some thin threads.
  • White sand: Same as gray sand but lighter. A sandy pattern with small light dots, and some angled strokes.
  • Gray sand: A dark gray, sandy pattern with small light dots, and some angled strokes.
  • Paper 1: A slightly grainy paper pattern with small horisontal and vertical strokes.
  • Leather 1: A leather pattern with a hint of yellow.
  • White carbon: Same as the black version, but now in shades of gray. Very subtle and fine grained.
  • Fabric 1: Semi light fabric pattern made out of random pixles in shades of gray.
  • Micro carbon: Three shades of gray makes this pattern look like a small carbon fibre surface. Great readability even for small fonts.
  • Tactile noise: A heavy dark gray base, some subtle noise and a 45 degree grid makes this look like a pattern with a tactile feel to it.
  • Carbon fibre: A dark pattern made out of 3×3 circles and a 1px shadow. This works well as a carbon texture or background.
  • 45 degree fabric: Medium gray fabric pattern with 45 degree lines going across.

Adapt.js: Adaptive CSS based on Browser Window’s Width

Adapt.js is a lightweight JavaScript file that determines which CSS file to load before the browser renders the page. In case the browser tilts of resizes, the script checks its width and loads the needed CSS file accordingly. If JavaScript is disabled default stylesheets can be served via <noscript> which is valid in the HEAD of HTML5.

Alternatives include: Build a separate site for mobile. Or, use media queries to adjust layout, with a polyfill for older browser support, and conditional Internet Explorer comments for Windows phones. Also a factor is how to handle multiple image resolutions without adding file size. Filament Group is advocating context aware image sizing.

Apprise: The Attractive Alert Alternative for jQuery

Developed by Daniel Raftery, Apprise is a very simple, fast, attractive, and unobtrusive way to communicate with your users, giving you a complete control over style, content, position, and functionality. Apprise is, more or less, for the developers looking for an attractive alert or dialog box without having to download a massive UI framework. The customization is done via CSS (apprise.css) in order to adjust the look and the feel.

Options include:
'confirm' : false, // Ok and Cancel buttons
'verify' : false, // Yes and No buttons
'input' : false, // Text input (can be true or string for default text)
'animate' : false, // Groovy animation (can true or number, default is 400)
'textOk' : 'Ok', // Ok button default text
'textCancel' : 'Cancel', // Cancel button default text
'textYes' : 'Yes', // Yes button default text
'textNo' : 'No' // No button default text

  • Source & Demo: http://thrivingkings.com/apprise/
  • Browsers Compatibility: iPhone/iPad, Chrome 8.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 4.0+, Internet Explorer 9.0, Internet Explorer 7 & 8 work with minor styling mishaps
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic License

jQuery File Upload Plugin: non-Flash Extensible File Uploader

jQuery File Upload is a non-Flash Customizable jQuery Plugin having an implementation based on open standards like HTML5 and JavaScript. Provides an API to set individual options and define callBack methods for various upload events. This plugin works with any server-side application platform: Google App Engine (Python, Java), Ruby on Rails, PHP and any other platform that supports HTTP file uploads.

Features include:

  • Multiple File Upload: Allows to select multiple files at once and upload them simultaneously.
  • Drag & Drop support: Allows to upload files by dragging them from your desktop or filemanager and dropping them on your browser window.
  • Upload progress bar: Shows a progress bar indicating the upload progress for individual files.
  • Graceful fallback for legacy browsers: Uploads files via XMLHttpRequests if supported and uses iframes as fallback for legacy browsers.
  • Cross-site file uploads: Supports uploading files to a different domain with Cross-site XMLHttpRequests.

Lightweight & Easy to Use JavaScript Modal Windows: TinyBox2

TinyBox2 is a lightweight (under 5 kb) modal box script that supports iframes and images natively. You can POST using AJAX as welll as callback functions can be passed for load and close events. Clicking ESC will close the modal window. The default styling can be overridden by setting CSS IDs. The script is executed by passing an object due to the large number of options. There is nothing to initialize. You just have to call the function on whatever mouse or browser event you like.

Sample Call

Features include:

  • Support for HTML, IFRAME, URL, or image parameters
  • Easily expand and contract a popup on the fly
  • Fixed Width/Height, Light Mask, Custom Vertical Split
  • Custom Position
  • Enable/disable mask/animation/close button
  • Modal Box closes when pressing `ESC`

Website Walkthrough with AutoPlay | Powered by jQuery

Codrop is sharing a script that allows you to setup a tour on a website with jQuery. This is very useful if you want to explain to your visitors the functionality of a web application in an interactive way. The user is guided through tooltips to each of the marked sections of the application. A navigation box is used to go back and forth, start the tour and restart it. A cool feature is the “Autoplay” which automatically goes through each marked element, allowing the user to sit back and watch every step without having to click on the next button.

The steps are configured in a JSON object. The following parameters are used:

  • name: the class given to the element where you want the tooltip to appear
  • bgcolor: the background color of the tooltip
  • color: the color of the tooltip text
  • text: the text inside of the tooltip
  • time: if automatic tour, then this is the time in ms for this step
  • position: the position of the tip

Free SEO Report: Optimize your website in 3 Steps!

FreeSEOReport.com is a tool that generates a SEO report for your website, based on a specific keyword. Unlike many Search Engine Optimization Services out there that offer such reports for ridiculous prices, this free tool can analyze your keywords against your competitors quickly and explains why they are beating you in your ranking. You just need to submit your URL, keyword and e-mail address to receive the report.

The tool offers detailed reports about the document title, headings (h1, h2, h3), body text, url, sitemap and robots.txt, meta description, links, html code and page load time, images, and meta keywords.

For your information, here are some suggestions offered by FreeSEOReport.com for the document title:

  • Make sure that your title tag includes your keyword (a greater weighting is given to key phrases at the left of the title tag)
  • A compelling call-to-action might help you get a better click-through rate in Google search engine results pages.
  • Make title tag unique on each page (Google Webmaster Tools can help you detect problems with the title tags)
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your page title.
UPDATE: Their terms and condition changed. You can still sign up and get free reports for your website.

By referring this tool to your friends you can earn more credits that will allow you to generate more reports. If you are running an online business and need to generate a lot of reports you can upgrade the service for $19.95/month that will allow you to get unlimited number of FULL reports plus you can customize the PDFs with your own logo and footer text.

Slides: Customizable and Stylish Slideshow Plugin for jQuery

Slides is a simple jQuery slideshow that is easy to implement, customize and style. It includes features like looping, auto play, fade or slide transition effects, crossfading, image preloading, auto generated pagination. Slides is compatible with all modern web browsers including; Internet Explorer 7/8/9, Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari and Mobile Safari. It even works in the old IE6.

My favorite feature of Slides and main reason for its development is you never see multiple slides fly by. You get to the end and it loops. You click from slide 1 to 5 and slide 5 just slides in from the right. Awesome.