WordPress Template & Theme Generator: Divine Elemente

Is there an automated solution involving WordPress and Photoshop?

There is, and it is called Divine Elemente, a brand new plugin for WP that is designed to take templates created in Photoshop and integrate them into themes made for WordPress, and in addition to this, these themes carry with them top performance. You’ll find that this is a modern trend in designing websites:

In WP and in Photoshop there isn’t a bit of coding: It is as simple as design a theme, grouping a set of graphics together for it, and publishing it. The theme can be downloaded in PSD, several alterations can be added, and be up and published in moments. With this plugin you can get a PSD template of around 200MB in size loaded up and published in under a minute. The typography is precise in its pixelation, the fonts are custom styled, the stretch is seamless, it has a 960 grid — all as part of its unique benefits and features.

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Convert Photoshop PSDs to WordPress Themes: Divine Free Edition

Divine Free Edition is an application useful to convert Photoshop designs to WordPress themes. It’s enough to have a basic Photoshop knowledge and some web-technologies general notions. It takes just a few clicks to convert your graphics to a ready-made site. This software was developed as a tool for converting patterns (graphic templates) to HTML pages that any user (even unexperienced web developers) can work with. Therefore, the interface was optimized as much as possible for the user’s needs.


Features includes:

  • Convert PSD to HTML
  • Easy publishing from Photoshop® to your WordPress™ website
  • Built in FTP-client
  • Widget ready WordPress theme as output
  • Supports all Photoshop® filters, layer blending options, layer effects, masks etc.
  • Browser Compatibility: Resulting HTML/PHP code is div-based, Cross browser HTML / CSS code, Encoding support)