Exclusive Deals (Discounts) for Web Professionals: MightyDeals.com

A dynamic website that provides exactly what is needed to achieve high traffic and exposure for products desired by professional web designers and developers is MightyDeals.com. Intended to be a cutting edge technical portal to millions of online shoppers, which offers an incredible amount of resources that are necessary to promote and expose such products. With high traffic, leading to vast amounts of sales this website has sellers raving!

Being an extremely easy to navigate website, its creators have wonderfully implemented the use of large fonts and brightly colored icons throughout the entire site. This is a real treat compared to other sites that sell software and tools that are time consuming and cluttered. It’s a simple layout with 3 major departments that offer a superior selection of discounted, high end web site developing, and designing products. These are; Featured Deal, All Deals, and Free Stuff. It’s simple as that: a great place for programmers to check out.

All of the deals for programming and developing products that are displayed on this site are exclusively negotiated to get the best deal for anyone interested in stopping by. It’s truly a good use of time to just take a look throughout the site at the deals on a daily basis. There are a number of products that are only available for a limited time at a special low price so you won’t want to miss them. As for the other items, they are actually available for a specific timed sale and you will see the seconds ticking away under each of those. The variety is great. From usability software to cartoon character bundles! There was even a T-shirt designing kit.

It’s the perfect place for web developers and creative web designers to get fantastic deals on Photoshop style bundles, templates for WordPress and plugins, royalty-free vectors and various tools, even for Mac. There are so many deals like; Customizable Logos, Royalty Free Pictures, Ultimate Textures, Graphics bundles and more.
Again, note that the majority of their specials are timed and the others are for a limited time so it’s wise to stop by on and off during the day to keep an eye on what’s there. These limited time deals are tremendous and you won’t want to miss out on them. The discount prices go all the way up to 90% off.

Because each item that is listed for sale has an extremely detailed description you won’t have to wonder what you will get for your money! This is just one of the great features of MightyDeals.com. This site is unbelievably expressive. The creators took the initiative to develop it so it is the best of its kind. When you click on any of the items for sale the next screen shows you plenty of samples of what you will receive with the offer and the deal terms, such as:

  • Instant download after completing your purchase
  • If applicable: They are Royalty Free and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes, you may modify the size, color or shape of the icons
  • Reselling of bundles or individual icons is prohibited.
  • It’s the usual important information that you want to know about when you buy any software.

This web site is truly enjoyable. It’s a cinch searching the site. There are lots of products that will be of interest to different types of shoppers. Here is the opportunity to select your favorites at your fingertips. Like today’s featured deal, The Photoshop Styles Bundle (over 400+ styles) – only $25! That’s an amazing offer. The detailed description of the product including colorful samples is so helpful and provides all of the information necessary to help make a fast decision to buy. Seriously, the samples that are offered with each item are extensive. It’s hard to get such a large preview of what you want to invest in at other web sites.

On the Featured Deal screen, along the bottom section, there are a number of other deals displayed in a nice clear manner so you can’t miss them! They automatically scroll by or you can rotate them yourself by a little click on a small circular icon to the upper right of this section, so you can have control of the selections.

They offer holiday themed bundles too. For example; The Ultimate Christmas Vector Bundle – only $9.99! And in the “Free Stuff” section, Exclusive Icons for the Holidays: “Xmas Festives”.

Check out the “Free Stuff” section where you’ll find software that is honestly for free. Select the item you want, enter your email address and a link for the download of that specific item will be sent to you very quickly. It’s easy as that. Another one of the offers in this section today is, Exclusive Free GUI Pack from Art.Gen.

And, all of the products come with a 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is contact them directly to let them know what your concerns are.

There is an option so you can register to receive the free newsletter/email notices with the latest deals too.

On a different note, anyone that has products that they would like to sell on MightyDeals.com can simply contact them directly to express their interest and they will get back to you with all the details. This is an easy way to get connected to a substantial portal to the public.

They also offer a wonderful affiliates program that is worth looking into. With 15% commission on all sales and paid directly into your PayPal account.

MightyDeals.com was created by the developers of WebdesignerDepot.com, a blog with great inspirational articles for your interests and a wealth of cutting edge news on products for web site professionals.

Here are a few coupon codes that you can use to get discounts from the Mighty Deals so you can save more money:

  • envato – 15% off
  • bitrepository – 10% off – use it in case the first one doesn’t work

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to get the daily deals emailed directly to you and you might want to follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook.

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