Create Stunning Photo Albums: Free XML Flash Photo Gallery

Posted on July 27, 2009, under Flash 

Free XML Flash Photo Gallery is a an awesome Flash application that allows you to add photo gallery on your website without any tech knowledge or programming skills. This is the ideal photo gallery for photographers, artists, or anyone who wants to feature an image showcase at their websites. You just need to download the necessary files and edit the XML file.


Features include:

  • XML Based
  • Image description tag
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Resizable
  • Can be used as a standalone application, as well as a part of CSS/HTML or Flash website
  • No Flash knowledge required

As you see – creating a perfect image gallery without any programming skills is very fast and easy. And it is absolutely free. So don’t waste the time – download your Free Flash Photo Gallery from FlashMint and show the world your art works in no time.

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2 Replies to "Create Stunning Photo Albums: Free XML Flash Photo Gallery"

  1. this is actually a cool app especially for those who’s into photography and would love to make a virtual gallery.

    is there any limit as to how many pictures could be uploaded in a gallery? and does it allow multiple galleries?

  2. Check out to create a free website portfolio using multiple flash or CSS templates with no coding at all.

    Upload your images and choose your design theme and that’s it. Enjoy!!

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