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Inky Deals: Banner Rotators and Sliders Bundle: Multi-Use License

Inky Deals, in partnership with the guys from FlashComponents, offers a bundle loaded with top-quality banner rotators and sliders that you’ll definitely enjoy using!
This bundle is guaranteed to make your website far more eye-catching, thus considerably increasing the chances that a user stays more time on the website.

Each one of these banner rotators and sliders have a lot of powerful features, are simple to set up and incorporate in any project! You are able to customize them as much as you want, until you get that perfect look that fits your needs.

Each item is designed so you can easily change the transition, text, speed plus much more. And if you need some assistance – each folder has a help file regarding how to customize them.

This bundle includes a multi-use license, permitting you to use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial projects without any extra fees!

Typically you would need to pay $455 for this set, but only for a limited time you can get them for the amazing price of just $29. That’s a massive 94% discount!

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