JavaScript Countdown: Skinable, Unobtrusive and Easy to integrate

Little Web Things is sharing an easy to use animated countdown script. This is a skinable and an easy to integrate jQuery countdown plugin. The full example features a complete “under construction” page with PHP Backend and 2 skins: light and dark. This script is excellent if you have a product/site to launch and you want to show a timer until the launch date and also capture email addresses to keep people updated. It can also be used when you offer a product discount for a limited time and you want to show how much time is left until your offer expires.

Flash Countdown Timer from Flabell

Flabell released a countdown timer build in AS3 that shows the time left until an event happens. The colors can be controlled from a XML file. When countdown almost finishes the script plays a sound and the colors change. In the flashvar the time is passed in milliseconds and it is calculated based on the servers’ time.


General Details:

  • Opens with: Flash CS3+
  • Resolution: 470×105
  • Published Size: 64Kb