The Top Reasons That All Bloggers Should Have A Gym Membership

Being successful as a blogger is not just about being good at writing and doing SEO, it’s about creating exactly the right circumstances and exactly the right lifestyle that is conducive to that success. Many people will set themselves blogging goals such as ‘write a post a day’ or ‘spend X amount on SEO’ and then wonder why they don’t manage to stick to the aims. The problem is almost always that the rest of their lifestyle isn’t conducive to those targets – you can’t write a blog post a day if you’re getting up too late, or if you’re getting home from work too late; and you can’t spend more on SEO and marketing if you don’t have any money with which to do so.

In other words, doing things that are seemingly unrelated to blogging can have surprising consequences that help you to in fact be far more successful on the web. Here we will look at one of the biggest and most important changes anyone can make to help their blogging fortunes – joining a gym. Here are the top reasons you should do so today if you want to be successful as a blogger…

Energy and Mental Focus

Energy and Mental Focus

The first things that working out give you as a blogger is energy and mental clarity. There are countless studies that demonstrate how training regularly can improve our memory and our IQ, and just the same working out first thing in the morning can help to give you more energy and get your blood pumping so that you are more capable of sticking to your planned blogging targets or getting home from work with lots more energy to go.

In the long term of course this will also help your body to become more energy efficient and improve your cardio so that you rarely feel tired in the first place and you’ll even sleep better having expended more energy during the day.


Health Of course a blogger should also go to the gym for the same reason everyone else goes – to stay healthy and keep off the calories. But for a blogger this is actually even more important when you consider that our job involves sitting in front of a computer for hours. Going to the gym in the morning is a great way to counteract that so that you don’t end up with a bad back, big belly and square eyes.

A Place to Think

A-Place-to-Think Another great reason to go to the gym often when you’re a blogger is that it provides an excellent place to think up topics. You’ll find while you’re lifting weights your mind wonders all over the place and this is where I personally come up with a lot of my best ideas. Of course if you actually run a blog that’s about bodybuilding or fitness then you’ll be even more likely to come up with more relevant ideas (and in this case it’s a matter of practising what you preach as well).

Goal Setting and Discipline

More importantly though going to the gym teaches you how to set targets and accomplish them. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that everything he ever needed to know he learned from bodybuilding – and this was a guy who went on to become a millionaire businessman, successful property investor, prolific writer, champion bodybuilder, governor of California and the highest paid actor of his time. If you can learn the lessons that bodybuilding teaches and apply them to your SEO then you’ll find yourself achieving more.

Success Mindset

And at the same time going to the gym makes you feel like a winner. Every time you lift another 10kg on your bench press, and every time you catch yourself in the mirror looking ripped and tanked, you’ll feel more confident and like someone who is capable of accomplishing great things. And if you know much about the law of attraction then you’ll know that simply feeling more successful and confident can help you to actually start performing better, to be perceived better, and so to actually become more successful. And when you appear on YouTube or otherwise try to convince your readership that you’re someone to be listened to they’ll be much more likely to stand up and take notice if you’re physically imposing and healthy as well.

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